Faster access to NAIA Terminals and MOA from SLEX or South Expressway



A faster way to NAIA Terminals 1, 2, 3, MOA and the business establishments along Macapagal Avenue has opened recently giving a little respite in the perennially congested streets of Metro Manila.

Reports said the elevated road connecting the SLEX access road to NAIA Terminals were opened a few days before Christmas of 2016. I tried the portion coming from Macapagal Avenue a few weeks earlier than that but that brought me only up to Imelda Avenue.

I hesitated to do it again soon after, afraid that I might just end up in the middle of a traffic jam, which was practically the whole place most of the time.

I finally had the courage to try again yesterday and what you will see in the video below was the result.

The toll fee costs P45.00 but the traffic was still relatively light.

The elevated road that can be accessed from SLEX or the South Expressway


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