The Best Christmas Gift From A Grinch…

Thomas S Monson’s idea that “Christmas is the spirit of giving,” has five (5) more words after that phrase which says: “without a thought of getting.”

Giving, because you know it will come back to you a thousand-fold is not giving. It is greed in sheep’s skin!



What gifts? Why should I give material gifts?

Best Christmas Gift

And who’s a Grinch?!

No!!! I am not a Grinch!  How dare you think…!

Well, maybe I am.

If your idea of Christmas is tied up with fun, glitters and material things that speak of money, yeah, to you I am a Grinch, because I think that idea of giving has become an instrument for greed!

Christmas giving can be seen thru another lens.

Those who cannot find happiness and contentment in mere accumulation of expensive stones, like diamonds, and trappings of gold, the outnumbered multitude who realizes that doing a good turn to others, though the acts are often ignored and belittled, know that these are the better gifts to give. Far worthier than anything branded that can be tied with a ribbon or wrapped with a glossy piece of paper…

To them, I believe I am not a Grinch.

Thomas S. Monson’s idea that “Christmas is the spirit of giving,” has five (5) more words after that phrase which says: “without a thought of getting.”

The people who know this give almost on a daily basis, when needed, when they are least expected, almost always when nobody cares to give, almost always even when it is not the season for it. It was not forced by tradition nor by any peer pressure.

Those people, sometimes, give mindless material gifts that briefly excites the receiver as well, but they give not because they have so much in excess, they give not because they believe that by giving they will receive a thousand folds in return (That sounds like a business strategy), they give because it is in their hearts to give.

They instinctively know the other half of Thomas S. Monson’s quote: “without a thought of getting.”

Giving, because you know it will come back to you a thousand-fold is not giving.  It is greed in sheep’s skin!

Maybe I am a Grinch because I am not quick enough to pluck an idea out of the blue for the best gifts on an occasion when everybody is expected to give something and everyone is expecting to receive something in return.

Yeah, well, maybe I am really a Grinch. Because I think that a gift that is expected is not a gift. It is entitlement! Now, admit it or not, gifts are expected on Christmases.

Okay, so I am a Grinch. But I know I will have no problem on knowing and deciding what to do if you happen to be on a beach and a strong current threatens to take you to the depths, I know that I will jump into that very same water without a thought to try and save you or suffer the same faith as yours, if I fail.

As a Grinch, I want to keep things to myself.

  • If you were the one who worried about your future finances because your father was retiring and your family is about to lose a steady stream of income, I will not tell you how you suddenly find it very easy to establish the business that you always wanted to have.
  • If you have suddenly amassed a small (or big) fortune because of a “little” advice you received from somewhere or someone about investing, you can keep on believing that it was either because of pure luck or your own smarts that you got them.
  • If you were the hapless husband who was about to lose his wife because of your irresponsibility, you will never know how you suddenly have a very understanding and loving wife who just recently acquired a broad outlook in married life.
  • If you were that very insecure worker who was on the verge of resigning from an important job because nobody seems to see your real worth (which include you and your superiors) you will keep on wondering how you ended up becoming the head of your department.
  • If you were that girl or that boy who was about to lose your most prized catch for one reason or another who suddenly found them more caring and responsive to your needs, you can keep on believing what you wish to believe that made them change their ways towards you and your relationship.
  • If you’ve been around me, one way or another, and if you have somehow told me a thing or two that bothers you and whatever it was that you told me somehow changed for the better – whether you noticed it or not – then, just be glad that they did.

I am a Grinch. I do things my way. I don’t have to tell anyone about them. And I don’t give material gifts.

As a Grinch, you can ask me what I want as a gift, but I will not be able to tell you what it is. I am Grinch! But whether you’d been bad or good to me, I already had the best gift from you – (which was your company) no matter how momentary it had been.

Merry Christmas to all… you Dummies!


The best Christmas gift does not come from the pocket, or paid for electronically, but from a symbolic anatomical part of the physical human body – that gift does not have to be physical – though it can take that form once in a while.