Will you live in a tight place packed with the nicest and most beautiful individuals, along with the vilest criminals and thieves,  terrorists and all sorts of “crowd” whose main intention is to rob everybody blind?

That is a weird question, I know, but I woke up at 2:00 a.m. today with a title in mind. “Fitting the world into a box.”
It must be a result of my subconscious, working overtime, as always.
That’s what the experts say, right?
Our subconscious never stops working…
So, what triggered the thought from lodging at the back of my mind to be processed in overdrive when my conscious mind was supposed to be resting?
The answer is something that I saw in one of those “boxes” – maybe like where you are reading this post from.
It could be a smaller “box” that fits into either of your hands, it could be something a bit bigger which you hold with both hands, or something a bit bigger still that sits either on your lap or on a table.
Ah, you know what I am talking about! A smartphone, a tablet, then either a laptop or a desktop.
The thought of putting our individual worlds into such tiny devices sounds silly, really…
But isn’t that what we are all, sort of doing?
Anything and everything that has to do with our lives individually, and collectively, can all be found in that small box – whichever of those we are using at any given moment. Okay, maybe not absolutely everything, yet. But we are getting there.
As things sit now, it has reference to our location, our house, our habits, our friends, the food we eat, the things we do, the transportation we take, places we frequent, and sometimes, even the thoughts that are just forming in our minds – even before we can fully grasp or comprehend what they are – like what I am writing now, and you would hopefully read later, is already in that box!
I have nothing against that box – per se.
I use it all the time myself.
In fact, it is nothing short of magical. Practically everything that you want to look for is in it!
Every single one of the items I enumerated a few spaces above are there, and more! It even contains our wishes, our dreams, and goals in life.

You probably already noticed, you search for something, and even when you are already done looking for whatever it was, you are still presented with items that are similar to it -days after.
People engaged in Big Data sees to that.
All that they need is a hint of what you are, what you want, etc. and they can, and will, give you all the possible choices there are – including the wrong ones.
And that is what concerns me, actually.
Of course, the choices are still ours… But sometimes, all the choices they present are crafted by them. Giving the effect that whatever we choose is actually not our choice but theirs.

Like, you know, that game kids play: “okay, you can CHOOSE between the TWO, except for this one!” and there were one two choices presented.

If you are just a little bit observant, you will probably remember an instance when you click on something that you are really interested in but that click brought you to an entirely different thing!

Had that kind of experience?

That simple, innocent click, if you are not lucky, can make all your money in a bank disappear!

SEO people would tell you  never to trick anyone if you are trying to optimize a post, but did you notice how many of them are actually doing that?

And what about those who are not there to optimize a post. Those whose only intention is to surreptitiously separate everyone from their fortunes?

And, again,  did you notice which of the posts are having the most views?
As I was saying… Everything is in there!
All the good things and all the bad things are all in there – including good and bad people.
The thieves, the scammers, the police, the criminals, the intelligence agencies, the terrorists, the good hearts, the bad hearts, the governments (that could be either bad or good), the bilkers, crooks, charlatans, the opportunists, rapists, heroes and villains and black hats!
They say the black hats could be the worst lot in that box because they can be on either side of the fence of evil and good and they are the ones who are, like, the masters of that box.


And that means, any of those boxes I mentioned.
I do not know much about the black hats, and if a book I read would be the basis, those guys, as a group or community, can be truly formidable. Though, some of them have individually gone to prison (real prisons} as well.

The book gave me the impression that all the firewalls, anti-viruses, and whatever internet security apps and hardwares there may be, the protection they can give us would be nothing more than what a thin Japanese paper can do to protect us against a Category 5 Super Typhoon like Haiyan.
As communities, they could be fighting each other as well. Like I said, I don’t know much about them.
What I know is this, the box can be your friend or your foe at the same time.
We, as a whole, and you, as an individual, have to be careful in dealing with it.
Sure, the whole world is in it…
Heroes and villains included.
But the most active of all are the tricksters who have unquenchable thirst for money!

It is not a very friendly place, that box.

It is like a wormhole into our private lives – and everybody is welcome!

It is probably inevitable.

The Internet of Things is going to be pervasive.

The amount of money that will be up for grabs with IoT is just too big to be ignored by all sorts of businesses who can think up of ways to get connected to it.

The IoT will have its own benefits for the end users, the consumers, but all of the IoT fuss is about money. Big business.

Especially for the guys with bad intents.

Imagine treasure troves that are lying around everywhere – and you have the wherewithal to pry them open!

The clueless connected “things” (which include humans) will be sitting ducks to them.

Well, unless someone can really come up with something that can thwart their wicked objectives.

Chilling thoughts.

You’d hope the “Defenders” are not just in the movies to save our day.